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Monitor MarkLogic Server


The Monitoring History feature allows you to capture and view critical performance data from your cluster. Once the performance data has been collected, you can view the data in the Monitoring History pages. The top-level Monitoring History page provides an overview of the performance metrics for all of the key resources in your cluster. For each resource, you can drill down for more detail. You can also adjust the time span of the viewed data and apply filters to view the data for select resources to compare and spot exceptions.

By default, the performance data is stored in the Meters database. Monitoring history capture is enabled at the group level. Typically you have one group per cluster. You can also configure a consolidated Meters database that captures performance metrics from multiple groups. The group configuration defines which database is used to store performance metrics for that group (defaulting to a shared Meters database per cluster), as well as all configuration parameters for performance metrics, such as the frequency of data capture and how long to retain the performance data. The Meters database can participate in all normal database replication, security, and failover operations.