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Monitor MarkLogic Server

Monitoring tools and security

To gain access to the monitoring features described in this guide, a user must be assigned the manage-user role. Monitoring tools should authenticate as a user with that role. The manage-user role is assigned the execute privilege and provides access to the Management API, Manage App Server, and the UI for the Configuration Manager and Monitoring Dashboard. The manage-user role also provides read-only access to all of a cluster's configuration and status information, with the exception of the security settings. For details on assigning roles to users, see Users in Administrating MarkLogic Server.

If you have enabled SSL on the Manage App Server, your URLs must start with HTTPS, rather than HTTP. Additionally, you must have a MarkLogic certificate on your browser, as described in Accessing an SSL-Enabled Server from a Browser or WebDAV Client in Securing MarkLogic Server.