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Loading Content Into MarkLogic Server (PDF)

Loading Content Into MarkLogic Server — Chapter 7

Loading Content Using WebDAV

If you have configured a WebDAV server, you can use a WebDAV client to load documents into the database. WebDAV clients such as Windows Explorer allow drag and drop access to documents, just like any other documents on the filesystem. There are a number of WebDAV clients available for various platforms and information can be found by searching the Internet for WebDAV clients. Some MarkLogic users have had good success with BitKinex and with NetDrive from Novell.

For details on setting up MarkLogic WebDAV servers, see WebDAV Servers in the Administrator's Guide.

Directories are required for WebDAV clients to see documents. See Directories and WebDAV Servers in the Application Developer's Guide.

For an example of using a WebDAV client with the Default Conversion Option (a CPF example application), see Simple Drag-and-Drop Conversion in the Content Processing Framework Guide.

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