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Getting Started With MarkLogic Server (PDF)

Getting Started With MarkLogic Server — Chapter 1

Introduction to MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server is a powerful software solution for harnessing your digital content all in a single database. MarkLogic enables you to build complex applications that interact with large volumes of JSON, XML, SGML, HTML, RDF triples, binary files, and other popular content formats. The unique architecture of MarkLogic ensures that your applications are both scalable and high-performance, delivering query results at search-engine speeds while providing transactional integrity over the underlying database.


Before using the procedures in this guide, you must first install MarkLogic Server, including accepting the MarkLogic License Agreement and creating the initial MarkLogic user. Both a successful installation and acceptance of the license agreement are required before using the software. For instructions on installing the software, including a list of supported platforms, see Supported Platforms in the Installation Guide.

About this Document

This document describes how to get started using MarkLogic Server on your system. It introduces some concepts of MarkLogic Server, JavaScript, and XQuery, and is intended for first-time users of MarkLogic Server.

The list of guides available for MarkLogic can be found in the Documentation section of the Release Notes. For detail on other aspects of MarkLogic, see the complete documentation available at http://docs.marklogic.com/.

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