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   $radius as xs:double,
   $center as node()
) as cts:circle


Create a cts:circle value from a radius and a node representing a point in one of the supported markup vocabularies, such as KML, GML, or GeoJSON.

radius The radius of the circle, in miles.
center A node representing the point at the center of the circle.

Usage Notes

If you know the geospatial data format (GML, KML, etc.), it is more efficient to use the equivalent format-specific function.

See Also


xquery version "1.0-ml";
import module namespace geo = "http://marklogic.com/geospatial"
       at "/MarkLogic/geospatial/geospatial.xqy";

geo:circle(47, <Dot Latitude="12.5" Longitude="-127.24"/>)

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