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   model-descriptor as Node
) as Object


Validates an entity services model descriptor. If the descriptor is valid, returns an in-memory version of the basic model; otherwise, an exception is raised.

model-descriptor A document or node containing a model descriptor, or a JavaScript object representing a model descriptor.

Usage Notes

Use this function as an entry point to the Entity Services API code generation functions. You can pass in either an in-memory JSON or XML model descriptor or a document that contains a JSON or XML model descriptor.

If the input descriptor is valid, then this function returns a validated basic model. If the model descriptor is invalid, this function throws an ES-MODEL-INVALID exception. The error message includes details about the validation failure(s).

Note that a JSON model descriptor looks the same as the default serialization of a validated basic model, so the input and output will be identical if the input is a valid JSON descriptor.

See Also


// Validate an in-memory model descriptor
const es = require('/MarkLogic/entity-services/entity-services');

  { "info": {
      "title": "Example",
      "version": "1.0.0"
    "definitions": {
      "Name": {
        "properties": {
          "first": { "datatype": "string" },
          "middle": { "datatype": "string" },
          "last": { "datatype": "string" }
        "required": [ "first", "last" ]

// Result: The basic model, as an Object. You can pass the result to any
// Entity Services functions that expect a basic model as input. The output
// basic model is the same as the input descriptor, when working with JSON.


// Validate a model descriptor stored in the database as XML
const es = require('/MarkLogic/entity-services/entity-services');

// Assume /descriptors/name.xml contains the XML equiv to the descriptor
// in the previous example.
const modelDesc = fn.doc('/descriptors/name.xml');

// Validation returns the basic model, as an Object. The info property
// contains the following:
// {"title":"Example", "version":"1.0.0"}

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