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   [$message as xs.anyAtomicType],
   [$valueN as xs.anyAtomicType,...]
) as null


Logs a debug-level message to the App Server log file <install_dir>/Logs/<port>_ErrorLog.txt; where <install_dir> is the MarkLogic install directory, and <port> is the port number of the current App Server or "TaskServer" if the current request is running on the Task Server.

$message If the first argument contains any placeholders, each placeholder is replaced with the converted value from its corresponding argument. Here are the placeholders:
  • %s - String
  • %d - Number (both integer and float)
  • %j - JSON. Replaced with the string '[Circular]' if the argument contains circular references.
  • % - single percent sign ('%'). This does not consume an argument.
$valueN A value.


const count = 5;
console.debug("count: %d", count);

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