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   $shape as cntk:shape,
   $data-type as xs:string,
   [$mean as xs:double],
   [$scale as xs:double],
   [$seed as xs:unsignedLong],
   [$name as xs:string]
) as cntk:function


Create an instance of a uniform random operation. This produces random numbers with the shape and dynamic axes specified by the operand, uniformly distributed in [low, high)

$shape Shape of the output (entries are independent random draws).
$data-type Data type.
$mean Mean of the distribution.
$scale Scale of the distribution.
$seed Pseudo random number generator seed (default: automatically select a unique seed).
$name The name of the function instance in the network.


  cntk:normal-random(cntk:shape(245), "double", 831551681.839951, 3259662631.305833,
    7768849238031644999, "nw4I[")
  => cntk:function(Composite RandomDistribution ())

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