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   $operands as cntk:variable,
   [$name as xs:string]
) as cntk:function


Create a new Function instance which just aliases the specified ‘x’ Function/Variable such that the ‘Output’ of the new ‘Function’ is same as the ‘Output’ of the specified ‘x’ Function/Variable, and has the newly specified name. The purpose of this operator is to create a new distinct reference to a symbolic computation which is different from the original Function/Variable that it aliases and can be used for e.g. to substitute a specific instance of the aliased Function/Variable in the computation graph instead of substituting all usages of the aliased Function/Variable.

$operands The Function/Variable to alias.
$name The name of the function instance in the network.


  let $input-variable1 := cntk:input-variable(cntk:shape((3)), "float",
    fn:false(), fn:false(), "feature")
  return cntk:alias($input-variable1, "+>ey")
  => cntk:function(Composite NoOp (Input(Name(feature), Shape([3]), Dynamic
  Axes([Sequence Axis(Default Dynamic Axis), Batch Axis(Default Batch Axis)]))))

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