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   lang as String,
   plugin as element(lang.plugin),
   [tokenType as String]
) as element(lang.userLanguage)


This function constructs a user language configuration item, suitable for use with clang.updateUserLanguage.

lang The language this configuration applies to. An ISO language code, such as "en".
plugin A language plugin configuration item constructed by clang.userLanguagePlugin.
tokenType The token type key for this language. Allowed values: one of the digit characters ('0','1',...,'9'). This only applies for languages that do not already have advanced support. Languages with advanced support already have a distinct token type that cannot be overridden. You should usually omit this parameter.

Usage Notes

The tokenType parameter is sometimes needed to distinguish between multiple user-defined languages. This is an advanced feature that is not required by most users. If you think you need to use this capability and you have a current maintenance contract with MarkLogic, please contact MarkLogic Technical Support.

See Also


'use strict';
const clang = require('/MarkLogic/custom-language');

const lexer = clang.lexer('special_lexer','NFD');
const stemmer = clang.stemmer('special_stemmer', 'NFC', Sequence.from(['keep-short-vowels=true']));
const plugin = clang.userLanguagePlugin('native/special', lexer, stemmer);
clang.userLanguage('ca', plugin, '1');

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