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MarkLogic Server Admin Interface Help

  • The Groups panel is for configuring settings in a group, including HTTP/XDBC/ODBC/WebDAV servers, memory allocation, and log levels that are applied to all hosts within a group.
  • The Databases panel is for configuring content settings such as indexes, fragmentation, and merge parameters that are applied to all forests within a database. It also allows you to backup and restore databases.
  • The Hosts panel is for configuring group membership and forest assignments for a host.
  • The Forests panel is for configuring settings such as forest name, data directory, and host assignments. It also allows you to backup and restore forests.
  • The Mimetypes panel is for configuring the file extensions-to-mimetype mapping. It also allows you to specify default content types (XML, text, or binary) for loading document, based on the URI extension.
  • The Security panel is for configuring security objects to enable access control on applications and content.
  • The Summary tab provides links to many of the items configured in this cluster.
  • The Status tab shows current information about all of the Hosts, App Servers, Databases, and Forests in your configuration.
  • The Support tab allows you to display all of the system information on the screen or save it to a file. Use the Support Request to gather information for MarkLogic Technical Support. Additionally, you can force the system to force an upgrade to upgrade your configuration files and security database (you should normally not need to force an upgrade, as it happens automatically when needed under normal circumstances; only do this if instructed by MarkLogic Technical support).
  • The Logs tab provides access to the error logs and to the access logs for this host.
  • The Usage tab allows you to get a summary file of usage data for the cluster, if the cluster is configured to store usage data.