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Database Forests Configuration Help

A Forest consists of Stands.

Each Stand is a set of XML fragments, and is implemented by a set of compressed binary files contained within a sub-directory of the forest directory.

Forests are configured on a host and are added to the database to be accessed by HTTP, WebDAV, XDBC and ODBC Servers.

To detach a forest from a database, uncheck the attached check-box for the forest you want to detach on the Configure tab.

To attach a forest to a database, check the attached check-box for the forest you want to attac. A forest can only be attached to a single database; if a forest is already attached to a database, you must first detach it from the database to which it is attached before you can attach it to another.

Buttons and Tabs:

  • Use the Configure tab to attach or to detach forests from a database. You can detach a forest from the database and attach another to the database at the same time. If you are attaching a forest that contains some content, if that content was created in a database with different settings than the one it is being attached to, then the forest will begin reindexing to the current settings if reindexer enable is set to true.