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Flexible Replication Configuration Help

The Flexible Replication Administration screen shows the Flexible Replication settings for this database.

Application Server provides a link to the HTTP App Server that uses this database. The Master and Replica databases must be associated with an HTTP App Server. If an App Server has not yet been created, a Create button is displayed. Click Create to bring up the Create HTTP Server page with the server-name, root, and database fields pre-filled for the replicated database. Enter a port number to identify the App Server and click OK.

Scheduled Tasks displays existing scheduled replication tasks and allows you to create new scheduled replication tasks. A scheduled task can be either a push operation on the Master to the Replicas, or a pull operation on a Replica from the Master. The pull operation is useful when a Replica is behind a firewall that only allows its internal servers to pull from a Master server outside the firewall. While a push replication scheduled task provides the Master with retry and zero-day replication, a pull replication scheduled task is the only replication option available to a Replica, so the scheduled task must serve as the initial replication mechanism in addition to retry and zero-day replication.

For both push and pull scheduled replication tasks, the replication retry configuration is a combination of the scheduled task frequency, the minimum and maximum retry settings and the document batch size.

Content Processing should only be configured for replication on the Master database. The Content Processing section shows the replicated CPF domains for the Master database. If Content Processing is not configured for the Master database, you will be prompted to install Content Processing and configure the domain to use the flexible replication pipeline. Once a replicated domain has been created, you can click on the domain name to display its Flexible Replication Domain Administration page.

Pull Configurations should only be configured on the Replica databases. To configure pull replication on a Replica database, you must configure both a pull scheduled task and a Pull Configuration. If no pull configuration has been created, click Create to display the Add Replication Pull page.

Buttons and Tabs:

  • Use the Summary tab to access the configuration pages related to flexible replication.
  • Use the Status tab to view the general replication status.