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Content Processing Configuration Help

The Content Processing Summary screen shows the domains and pipelines configured for this database. Content Processing must be installed for a database before it can be configured.

Installing Content Processing loads the standard processing pipelines and creates a default domain for the database. The Content Processing installation also creates the triggers needed to control the content processing operations.

To install content processing in a database:

To reinstall content processing in a database, click the reinstall button on the Content Processing Installation page. If you have upgraded a database with Content Processing installed from MarkLogic Server 3.0, reinstall content processing in MarkLogic Server 3.1.

Once content processing is installed, the content processing domains and pipelines configuration links appear in the left tree menu.

To modify the default domain settings:

To attach a pipeline to a domain:

Once content processing has been installed for a database, you can use the Content Processing Installation screen to refresh the installation, reloading the standard processing pipelines, or changing whether the standard conversion pipelines are activated in the default domain. These settings will not affect processing in other domains that you may have created.