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Client API (Alerting)

Use the /alert service to do the following:
  • Install rules that describe characteristics of documents you want to identify in the future.
  • Poll for new database content that matches pre-installed rules.
  • Test a transient document that is not stored in the database for matches against your pre-defined rules.

When you use a query to identify documents to test against your rules, you should either define a query that matches only a small number of documents, or use the start and pageLength request parameters of /alert/match to limit the number of documents considered.

For details, see Alerting in the REST Application Developer's Guide.

7 resources
Resource URI Description
/v1/alert/match (GET) Retrieve a list of rules (including the rule metadata) that match documents identified by a query or a list of URIs.
/v1/alert/match (POST) Retrieve a list of rules (including the rule metadata) that match either documents in the database identified by a document selection query defined in the request body or a transient document supplied in the request body.
/v1/alert/rules (GET) Retrieve the definition of all alert rules previously installed in this REST API instance using the /v1/alert/{name} service.
/v1/alert/rules/{name} (DELETE) Delete an alerting rule previously installed using PUT /v1/alert/rules/{name}.
/v1/alert/rules/{name} (GET) Retrieve the alerting rule definition installed with the given name.
/v1/alert/rules/{name} (HEAD) Test for the existence of a rule with the given name.
/v1/alert/rules/{name} (PUT) Install an alerting rule under the given name.