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   $item as item()*
) as document-node()


Constructs a JSON document.

item A sequence of items from which the JSON document is to be constructed. The item sequence from which the JSON document is constructed.

Usage Notes

An object-node() is constructed from a json:object, a map:map, or an object-node().

An array-node() is constructed from a json:array, a sequence of multiple items, or an array-node().

A null-node() is constructed from an empty sequence or an null-node().

A boolean-node() is constructed from an xs:boolean or a boolean-node().

A number-node() is constructed from an xs:integer, a xs:decimal, a xs:float, a xs:double, or a number-node(). Integers with absolute value greater than 9007199254740991 are excluded and instead construct text() nodes to avoid any loss of precision.

A text() node is constructed from all other items.

To serialize a JSON node to a string, use xdmp:quote.


["a", false]


let $object := json:object()
let $_ := map:put($object,"a",111)
return xdmp:to-json($object)

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