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   $node as node(),
   $schema as xs:string,
   $options as xs:string*
) as node()


Validate a JSON node against a JSON Schema. If the node is not valid per the schema, raise an error. Otherwise, return the input node.

$node JSON node to be validated.
$schema URI of the JSON schema to use for validation.
$options Validation options. Supported options:
Keep trying to find all the errors.
Stop after the first error. (Default)


(: Assuming the following JSON schema is in the schema database at
   "/schemas/example.json" :
      "language": "zxx",
      "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#",
      "properties": {
         "count": { "type":"integer", "minimum":0 },
         "items": { "type":"array", "items": {"type":"string", "minLength":1 } }
     object-node{ "count": 3, "items": array-node{12} }, "/schemas/example.json" )

=> XDMP-JSVALIDATEINVTYPE: Invalid node type: Expected node of type text, found number at number-node{12} using schema "/schemas/example.json"
at 1:0 [1.0-ml]

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