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   $uri as xs:string,
   [$options as (element()|map:map)?]
) as item()+


Sends an http DELETE request to the http server specified in the URI to delete the specified resource. The server should respond if the request is to be completed, but a response is not guaranteed. Also, even if the server does respond, it does not guarantee that the request has been or will be completed.

$uri The URI of the document to delete.
$options Options with which to customize this operation. You can specify options as either an XML element in the "xdmp:http" namespace, or as a map:map. For details on the supported options, see xdmp:http-get.

Required Privileges


Usage Notes

The http functions only operate on URIs that use the http or https schemes; specifying a URI that does not begin with http:// or https:// throws an exception.

If an http function times out, it throws a socket received exception (SVC-SOCRECV).

Note the xdmp:http-delete function simply sends a DELETE request to the specified web server; what happens with the DELETE request depends on the web server. The request does not delete a document from a MarkLogic Server database. To delete a document from a database, use the xdmp:document-delete function.


     <options xmlns="xdmp:http">
       <authentication method="basic">
=> an optional response from the server

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