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   $path as xs:string,
   [$starting-location as xs:double],
   [$length as xs:double]
) as binary()


Returns an external binary node.

path Filesystem path to the external binary file.
starting-location The new binary node starts at the byte position indicated by starting-location. The first byte is at location 1. The default value is 1.
length The length in bytes of the content in the new binary node. Omitting the length has performance implications; see usage notes.

Required Privileges


Usage Notes

If no length is provided, the length is calculated from the starting position and the filesystem length of the external file. If the file does not exist when the length is calculated, XDMP-MISSINGFILE is thrown.

If a length is provided, the length is trusted. That is, no attempt is made to confirm the existence or read the length of the external file. Therefore, including the length in the call (if known) results in the best performance during document creation.


  xdmp:external-binary("/testdata1/logo.gif", 1, 2456)

  => A binary node representing the external file at
     /testdata1/logo.gif, beginning at offset 1, with
     a length of 2456 bytes.

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