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   schema-name as String,
   view-name as String,
   scope as element(*,view.viewScope)
) as null


This function sets the scope of the named view in the named schema specification.

schema-name The name of the schema specification containing the view.
view-name The name of the view on which the scope is set.
scope The scope to be set on the view. Use the view.elementViewScope function to set the scope to an element or the view.collectionViewScope function to set the scope to a collection.

For details on view scoping, see Defining View Scope in the SQL Data Modeling Guide.


const view = require('/MarkLogic/views');

view.setViewScope('main', 'songs', view.elementViewScope(xs.QName('SONG')));

// Sets the scope of the 'songs' view in the 'main' schema to the 
// element, 'SONGS'.

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