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   $prefixdef as xs:string?,
   [$include-common as xs:boolean?]
) as map:map


This function returns a set of prefix mappings for use with CURIE processing. Calling this function returns the internal set of default prefixes. The default mappings include prefixes that are widely used and agreed upon, including "cc" (Creative Commons), "dc" (Dublin Core), "dcterms" (Dublin Core Terms), "dbpedia" (dbpedia resources), "dbpedia-owl" (dbpedia ontology), "geonames" (geonames ontology), "foaf" (FOAF), "media" (MediaRSS), "owl" (OWL), " rdf" (RDF), "product" (productV2), "rdfs" (RDF Schema), "skos" (SKOS), "vcard" (VCard vocab), "void" (Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets), "wikidata" (wikidata entities), "xhtml" (XHTML), and "xs" (XML Schema).

prefixdef A string specifying prefixes in RDFa @prefix format ("prefix: http://base1 prefix2: http://base2").
include-common Whether to include the default set of mappings. The default is true.


xquery version "1.0-ml"; 
import module namespace sem = "http://marklogic.com/semantics" 
   at "/MarkLogic/semantics.xqy";

let $prefixes := sem:prefixes("ex: http://www.example.com/# 
               schema: http://schema.org/")
return sem:curie-expand("ex:prefLabel", $prefixes)
=>  (: returns an IRI :)

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