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   $capability as xs:string*,
   [$scope as xs:string]
) as xs:string*


This function returns unique IDs of the registered plugins that have the specified capabilities. If no matching plugins are registered, an empty sequence is returned.

capability A list of strings representing desired capabilities to match. The plugin must match all of the listed capabilities. Specify an empty sequence to return the IDs of all of the plugins.
scope A scope identifier. This must be a "dotted" package-style path, which will be resolved relative to the marklogic-dir/Assets/plugins directory. For example, a $scope value of my-plugin-scope is resolved to the marklogic-dir/Assets/plugins/myplugin-scope directory and a $scope value of my.plugin.scope is resolved to the marklogic-dir/Assets/plugins/my/plugin/scope directory.


  xquery version "1.0-ml"; 

  import module namespace plugin = "http://marklogic.com/extension/plugin" 
      at "/MarkLogic/plugin/plugin.xqy";


  (: Lists all collector plugins with the 'abort' capability. :)

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