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   $pkgname as xs:string,
   $group as xs:string,
   $server as xs:string
) as empty-sequence()


[DEPRECATED: use cma:generate-config and cma:apply-config instead.]

Puts the content of the modules database used by the named app server into the named package.

pkgname The name of the package in which to put the modules data.
group The name of the goup that contains the app server.
server The name of the app server that uses the modules data.


xquery version "1.0-ml"; 
import module namespace pkg = "http://marklogic.com/manage/package" 
      at "/MarkLogic/manage/package/package.xqy";

pkg:put-modules("mypackage", "Default", "myserver")

(: Puts the contents of the modules database used by the 'myserver' app server
   into the package named, 'mypackage'. :)

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