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   $pkgname as xs:string
) as pkgins:install($pkgname)


[DEPRECATED: use cma:generate-config and cma:apply-config instead.]

Install the named package.

pkgname The name of the package to install.

Usage Notes

Only users with the admin role may install packages.

Installing a package creates a ticket. Use info:ticket to check the status of the ticket.

Modifying some settings requires a server restart. If package installation requires a server restart to complete, the returned result directs you to restart.

The returned status reports success or failure in the pkg:result-status child element. If the installation fails, the live configuration is unchanged and errors are reported.

Attempting to install two or more packages concurrently may leave your configuration in an indeterminate state.


(: install a package previously created on the server :)
import module namespace pkg = "http://marklogic.com/manage/package" 
    at "/MarkLogic/manage/package/package.xqy";


  => The settings in "mypackage are applied and a status is
     returned, indicating success or failure. For example:

  <install-status xmlns="http://marklogic.com/manage/package">

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