Namespace: values


Provides functions to project tuples (aka rows) of values out of documents. The values for the tuples come from JSON properties, XML elements or attributes, fields, or paths in the documents that have range or geospatial indexes. Values can also come from the collection or uri index. Each co-occurrence of the specified indexes in a document produces a tuple. For instance, if one JSON property occurs twice in a document but another occurs only once, the result will include two tuples: that is, one co-occurrence for each value of the first property with the value of the second property.


read(valuesQuery, timestamp) → {ResultProvider}

Executes a values query built by a valuesBuilder to read tuples from the specified indexes for the documents qualified by the query.
Name Type Argument Description
valuesQuery object a query built by a valuesBuilder
timestamp DatabaseClient.Timestamp <optional>
a Timestamp object for point-in-time operations
  • 1.0
an object whose result() function takes a success callback that receives the tuples.
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