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   $target as item()*,
   $position as xs:integer,
   $inserts as item()*
) as item()*


Returns a new sequence constructed from the value of $target with the value of $inserts inserted at the position specified by the value of $position. (The value of $target is not affected by the sequence construction.)

If $target is the empty sequence, $inserts is returned. If $inserts is the empty sequence, $target is returned.

The value returned by the function consists of all items of $target whose index is less than $position, followed by all items of $inserts, followed by the remaining elements of $target, in that sequence.

If $position is less than one (1), the first position, the effective value of $position is one (1). If $position is greater than the number of items in $target, then the effective value of $position is equal to the number of items in $target plus 1.

For detailed semantics see, Section 7.2.15 The fn:insert-before function[FS].

$target The sequence of items into which new items will be inserted.
$position The position in the target sequence at which the new items will be added.
$inserts The items to insert into the target sequence.


let $x := ("a", "b", "c")
fn:insert-before($x, 0, "z") returns ("z", "a", "b", "c")

let $x := ("a", "b", "c")
fn:insert-before($x, 1, "z") returns ("z", "a", "b", "c")

let $x := ("a", "b", "c")
fn:insert-before($x, 2, "z") returns ("a", "z", "b", "c")

let $x := ("a", "b", "c")
fn:insert-before($x, 3, "z") returns ("a", "b", "z", "c")

let $x := ("a", "b", "c")
fn:insert-before($x, 4, "z") returns ("a", "b", "c", "z")

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