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   uri as xs:string,
   quality as xs:int
) as empty-sequence()


This function sets the quality of the document with the given URI. If the quality of the document is positive, the relevance score of the document is increased in text search functions. The converse is true for "negative" quality.

uri The URI of the document.
quality The quality to which to set the document.

Required Privileges

The dls-user role is required to run this function, or the privilege:


  xquery version "1.0-ml";

  import module namespace dls = "http://marklogic.com/xdmp/dls" 
      at "/MarkLogic/dls.xqy";

  dls:document-set-quality("/foo/bar/baz.xml", 10)

  (: Sets the quality of the 'baz.xml' document to 10. :)

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