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   range-index as cts.reference,
   [options as String[]],
   [query as cts.query?],
   [forest-ids as (Number|String)[]]
) as xs.anyAtomicType?


Returns the average of the values given a value lexicon. This function works like cts:avg except it performs the calculation in parallel in all data nodes then aggregates the values. It generally performs better than cts:avg, especially on large clusters.

range-index Reference to a range index.
options Same as the "options" parameter in cts:aggregate.
query Same as the "query" parameter in cts:aggregate.
forest-ids Same as the "forest-ids" parameter in cts:aggregate.


//   This query assumes an element range index is configured
//   in the database for the 'Amount' element.


=> 122.2933333333333355

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