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cma functions

The table below lists all the cma built-in functions (in this namespace: http://marklogic.com/manage/config).

The configuration management functions are used to to retrieve a configuration of an individual resource, a set of resources, or a full cluster, to generate a configuration from scenarios, and to apply a configuration.

The configuration management function module is installed at the following file:

  • install_dir/Modules/MarkLogic/cma.xqy

where install_dir is the directory in which MarkLogic Server is installed.

To use this module in your own XQuery modules, include the following line in your XQuery prolog:

import module namespace cma="http://marklogic.com/manage/config" at "/MarkLogic/cma.xqy"

2 functions
Function name Description
cma:apply-config Apply a named configuration, overriding parameters and setting options.
cma:generate-config Retrieve an individual resource, set of resources, or full cluster configuration; generate a configuration from scenarios.