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   lang as String,
   [tokenization as Boolean]
) as null


Delete a custom dictionary.

lang The ISO language code of the dictionary to be deleted.
tokenization Whether to delete the tokenization dictionary or the stemming dictionary for the specified language. Set to true for tokenization, false for stemming. Default: false (stemming). This parameter is ignored for languages that use a single dictionary for both stemming and tokenization, such as Japanese and Chinese.

Required Privileges

This function requires the custom-dictionary-admin or the following privileges:


If your language configure uses user-defined lexer and/or stemmer plugins, you can define additional privileges for finer control. For details, see Custom Dictionary Security Considerations in the Search Developer's Guide.

Usage Notes

If no dictionary is installed for the specified language and dictionary type combination, this operation is a no-op.

See Also


const cdict = require('/MarkLogic/custom-dictionary');


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