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   booleanExpression as xs.boolean
) as ModifyPlan


This method restricts the row set to rows matched by the boolean expression. Use boolean composers such as op.and and op.or to combine multiple expressions.

A constraining document query returns only the rows from the matched source documents. If the constraining document query is a node instead of a cts.query object, the implementation calls the cts.query parser on the node. The constraining document query applies to all upstream accessors. A constraining sem.store returns only the triples from the specified store (potentially expanded by inference using a ruleset). A constraining sem.store applies to all upstream triples accessors.

booleanExpression This can be a boolean expression, a cts.query to qualify the source documents that produced the rows set, or (where part of the row set was produced by the op.fromTriples accessor) a sem.store to restrict or expand the triples that produce the row set.

Usage Notes

where is a method of the following classes:


// Locate employee expenses that exceed the allowed limit

const op = require('/MarkLogic/optic');

const employees = op.fromView('main', 'employees');
const expenses = op.fromView('main', 'expenses');
const expenselimit = op.fromView('main', 'expenselimit');
const Plan =
employees.joinInner(expenses, op.on(employees.col('EmployeeID'), expenses.col('EmployeeID')))   
         .joinInner(expenselimit, op.on(expenses.col('Category'), expenselimit.col('Category')))
         .where(op.gt(expenses.col('Amount'), expenselimit.col('Limit') ))
         .select([employees.col('EmployeeID'), 'FirstName', 'LastName', expenses.col('Category'),
                  expenses.col('Amount'),  expenselimit.col('Limit') ])


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