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   sortKey as string,
   direction as string
) as FacetDefinition


Specifies the sort order for facet values, as in a ValuesSearch definition.

sortKey Specifies whether to sort on the "item" or "frequency".
direction Specifies whether to sort in "ascending" or "descending" order.

Usage Notes

When you add an orderBy clause to a facet definition, the default output from jsearch.facets for that facet becomes an array of arrays instead of a JSON object. Each array item is of the form [itemValue, frequency] and the array items are ordered according to the orderBy configuration.

See Also


// Generate facets on the "author" property and order them by frequency.
const jsearch = require('/MarkLogic/jsearch.sjs');
    jsearch.facet('Author', 'author').orderBy('frequency')])
  .where(jsearch.byExample({price: {$lt: 50}}))

// Produces results of the following form:
// {"facets":{
//   "Author":[
//     ["Mark Twain", 4], 
//     ["John Steinbeck", 3], 
//     ["Robert Frost", 1]
//   ]
// }}

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