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MarkLogic 8 Product Documentation

  • XQuery/XSLT Function Reference
    API documentation for the MarkLogic built-in and module extensions to the XQuery and XSLT standard functions. It also contains API reference information for the W3C standard functions implemented in MarkLogic Server.

Getting Started Guides

Developer's Guides

Administrator's Guides

  • Administrator's Guide | Administrator's Guide (PDF)
    Provides procedures for administrative tasks such as creating servers, creating databases, backing up databases, creating users, setting up your security policy, and so on.
  • Scripting Administrative Tasks Guide | Scripting Administrative Tasks Guide (PDF)
    Provides information on writing code to script various administrative tasks such as creating and modifying databases, App Servers, and so on.
  • Database Replication Guide | Database Replication Guide (PDF)
    Provides a thorough explanation of how to configure and use MarkLogic database replication.
  • Flexible Replication Guide | Flexible Replication Guide (PDF)
    Provides step-by-step information on replicating MarkLogic Server content using Flexible Replication.
  • Monitoring MarkLogic Guide | Monitoring MarkLogic Guide (PDF)
    Provides procedures for setting up and using monitoring applications on MarkLogic Server.
  • Connector for SharePoint® Administrator's Guide | Connector for SharePoint® Administrator's Guide (PDF)
    Documentation for the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint®, which allows you to mirror documents from a Microsoft SharePoint repository in MarkLogic Server.

Other Reference Guides

Japanese Guides

  • REST API Reference

    • REST API Reference
      This API reference documents the REST API for creating client applications without a need to write or understand XQuery as well as the REST resources available on port 8000 for monitoring, managing, and packaging.