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Getting Started with Optic

Building Queries with Search Capabilities

Now that you have seen how to write simple Optic queries for routine exploration of data, you are ready to see how to enhance them with search capabilities.

Optic supports the use of the MarkLogic core search API, Core Text Search (CTS), as a filter. With CTS queries, you can easily add powerful and specific document-level searches to your Optic queries. See the Search Developer's Guide for more detailed information than we provide here.

CTS queries apply to the data indexed from the documents themselves rather than just to the data indexed from columns extracted from those documents. So, for example, using a CTS query with the Data Accessor Function fromView() could return a row sequence which itself contains no matching data if the original document's metadata contained the match. To further understand how indexing affects CTS searches, see Indexing in MarkLogic in the Concepts Guide.


Optic searches are unfiltered.