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Installing MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server Assumptions

During the installation process, MarkLogic sets memory and other settings based on the characteristics of the computer in which it is running. MarkLogic is a scalable, multi-threaded server product, and as such it assumes it has the entire machine available to it, including the CPU and disk I/O capacity. It is important to follow the guidelines as described. Furthermore, MarkLogic assumes there is only one MarkLogic Server process running on any given machine, so it is not recommended to run multiple instances of MarkLogic on a single machine.

MarkLogic Server expects the system clocks to be synchronized across all the nodes in a cluster. The clock skew should be less than 0.5 seconds. You should use a time service such as NTP to keep your system clocks synchronized. For more details, see the following Knowledge Base article: