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Installing MarkLogic Server

Starting MarkLogic Server

MarkLogic Server will automatically start when the computer reboots. To start MarkLogic Server without rebooting, perform the following command for the corresponding platform:



Windows 10

  1. In the Windows taskbar, click in the search area.

  2. Type MarkLogic.

  3. Right-click on Start MarkLogic Server.

  4. Select Run as administrator.

  5. When prompted, allow the app to make changes to your device.


Select Start > Programs > MarkLogic Server > Start MarkLogic Server.


When you start MarkLogic Server from the Start menu, the Windows service configuration for MarkLogic Server is set to start automatically. Also, to start the service, right-click the Start MarkLogic Server link in the Start menu and choose Run as Administrator, then choose to allow the action.

Red Hat Linux

As the root user, enter service MarkLogic start


On an Azure MarkLogic VM, as well as some more recent Linux distributions, you must use sudo systemctl start MarkLogic. For more information on Linux language settings, see

Mac OS X

Select System Preferences > MarkLogic to open the MarkLogic control window. Click Start MarkLogic Server.

This starts all of the App Servers that are configured on your MarkLogic Server.