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   $role as xs:string,
   $capability as xs:string,
   [$output-kind as xs:string]
) as element()|map:map


Returns a permission element in the security namespace corresponding to the named role and capability given.

role A role name.
capability A capability (read, update, node-update, insert, or execute).
output-kind The output format. Allowed values: "element" or "object". The default format is "element" (an XML element). When you set this parameter to "object", this function returns a map:map, suitable for inclusion in the options parameter of some builtins. See the Usage Notes for details.

Usage Notes

This function can return either an XML element or a map:map, depending on the output-kind parameter value. Use the map:map form in contexts where you need to embed a permissions object in a map:map that is interchangeable with a JSON object. For example, functions such as xdmp:document-insert and xdmp:document-load enable you to pass either an XML element or a map:map as their options parameters. You would use the "object" form to pass permissions in as part of a map:map options value, and the "element" form to pass permissions in as part of an XML options value.


  xdmp:permission("development", "read")

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