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xdmp functions (Server Monitoring)

The Server Monitoring built-in functions include functions that provide monitoring information about internal conditions of MarkLogic Server and includes the xdmp:request-cancel function which is used to cancel a running request.

11 functions
Function name Description
xdmp:cache-status Returns the status of the caches.
xdmp:foreign-cluster-status Returns the status of a foreign cluster from a host's point of view.
xdmp:forest-counts Returns detailed forest statistics for a given forest .
xdmp:forest-online Returns true if the specified forest is online with a state of open, open replica or sync replicating if isReplica is true, or syncing replica if syncingOk is true, otherwise returns false.
xdmp:forest-state Returns state of the forests
xdmp:forest-status Returns the status of a forest.
xdmp:host-get-ssl-fips-enabled Returns whether fips mode is enabled.
xdmp:host-status Returns the status of a host.
xdmp:request-cancel Cancel the request with the given host, server, and request IDs.
xdmp:request-status Returns the status of a running request .
xdmp:server-status Returns the status of an app-server on a host.