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XCC Developer's Guide (PDF)

XCC Developer's Guide — Chapter 3

Downloading and Using the XCC API

The XCC API is available by downloading the XCC package from developer.marklogic.com.

For a description of the sample applications included with XCC, see Using the Sample Applications.

The XCC distribution has the following directory structure:

Document or Directory Description
docs/ Includes the Javadoc for XCC in both expanded HTML and compressed zip format.
lib/ Contains the marklogic-xcc-version.jar file, which is the XCC libraries, and the marklogic-xcc-examples-version.jar file, which has the compiled versions of the sample applications. Note that the name of the XCC jar file has the version number encoded.
src/ Includes the source code for the sample applications.
Readme.txt Includes the version number and any last-minute updates not included in the documentation.
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