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Semantic Graph Developer's Guide (PDF)

Semantic Graph Developer's Guide

Server version Date Revision
MarkLogic 10 May, 2019 Last Revised: 10.0-8, October, 2021

This guide includes the following chapters:

  1. Introduction to Semantic Graphs in MarkLogic
  2. Getting Started with Semantic Graphs in MarkLogic
  3. Loading Semantic Triples
  4. Triple Index Overview
  5. Unmanaged Triples
  6. Semantic Queries
  7. Inference
  8. SPARQL Update
  9. Using Semantics with the REST Client API
  10. XQuery and JavaScript Semantics APIs
  11. Client-Side APIs for Semantics
  12. Inserting, Deleting, and Modifying Triples with XQuery and Server-Side JavaScript
  13. Using a Template to Identify Triples in a Document
  14. Execution Plan
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