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fn functions (XSLT)

The XSLT functions. These functions are available in XSLT only. They are defined in XSL Transformations (XSLT) Version 2.0.

15 functions
Function name Description
fn:current Returns the item that was the context item at the point where the expression was invoked from the XSLT stylesheet.
fn:current-group Returns the current regex group.
fn:current-grouping-key Returns the current regex grouping key.
fn:document Returns the document(s) stored in the database at the specified URI(s).
fn:element-available Returns true if and only if the name of an XSLT instruction is passed in.
fn:format-number Returns a formatted string representation of value argument based on the supplied picture.
fn:function-available Returns true if and only if there is an XQuery or XSLT function whose name and optionally arity matches the value of the $function-name and the optional $arity arguments.
fn:key The key function does for keys what the id function does for IDs.
fn:regex-group While the xsl:matching-substring instruction is active, a set of current captured substrings is available, corresponding to the parenthesized sub-expressions of the regular expression.
fn:system-property Returns a string representing the value of the system property identified by the name.
fn:type-available Returns true if and only if there is a type whose name matches the value of the $type-name argument is present in the static context.
fn:unparsed-entity-public-id Returns the public identifier of the unparsed entity specified by the $entity-name parameter.
fn:unparsed-entity-uri Always returns the zero length string.
fn:unparsed-text Reads a file stored in the database as either text or binary file and returns its contents as a string.
fn:unparsed-text-available Returns true if a call to unparsed-text would succeed with identical arguments.