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   $docid as xs:string,
   $transition as element(*, p:transition)?,
   $override-state as xs:anyURI?
) as empty-sequence()


Concludes the action successfully, advancing the state as defined by the transition. The action must call this method to indicate completion of successful processing, passing the external variables $cpf:document-uri and $cpf:transition as parameters. If the document does not exist, do nothing.

Side effects: Advances the document state to the transition's on-success state, if any, and marks the document as processed in the current state.

docid The URI of the document.
transition The pipeline transition being executed.
override-state The next state of the document, overriding the transition state.


  xquery version "1.0-ml";
  import module namespace cpf = "http://marklogic.com/cpf" 
		  at "/MarkLogic/cpf/cpf.xqy";

  declare variable $cpf:document-uri as xs:string external;
  declare variable $cpf:transition as node() external;

  cpf:success( $cpf:document-uri, $cpf:transition, () )

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