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POST /v1/domains/{domain-id-or-default-domain-name}/targets/{id|name}/rules


This resource adds new rule.

URL Parameters
format The format of the returned data. Can be either html, json, or xml (default). This value overrides the Accept header if both are present.
Request Headers
Accept The expected MIME type of the response. If the format parameter is present, it takes precedence over the Accept header.
Response Headers
Content-type The MIME type of the data in the response body. Depending upon the value of the format parameter or Accept header, one of application/xml, application/json, or text/html.


Upon success, MarkLogic Server returns status code 200 (OK), and the response body contains the requested data. The payload is the new rule. If the URI is malformed or the database does not exist, a status code of 400 (Bad Request) is returned. A status code of 401 (Unauthorized) is returned if the user does not have the necessary privileges.

Required Privileges

This operation requires the flexrep-admin role, or the following privilege:


or to be logged in as the target's user.

Usage Notes

Security: A user may only see her own rules; an invalid URI error will be returned if a user tries to access some other target. An admin user can see any user's rules.

The alert rules are in the format expected by the alerting API.

It is not necessary to specify the external-security-id or user-name when PUTing or POSTing a rule while logged in as the user because the information can be determined automatically.

The query property contains a representation of a cts:query as defined by the JSON project. Users can only view or manipulate their own queries. A user with the flexrep-admin role can see and manipulate any user's queries.

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