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SQL Data Modeling Guide (PDF)

SQL Data Modeling Guide — Chapter 8

Connecting Cognos to MarkLogic Server

This chapter describes how to set up your MarkLogic Server for SQL.

Enable Internet Information Services (IIS)

To run Cognos, you must have Internet Information Services (IIS) enabled on your machine. See your Windows documentation for directions.

Connect Cognos to your ODBC Data Source

This section describes how to create a new data source to represent your MarkLogic Server data.

The procedure described in this section assumes you have first installed the MarkLogic ODBC driver and configured it as an ODBC data source on the client server, as described in Installing and Configuring the MarkLogic Server ODBC Driver.

  1. Open IBM Cognos Administration
  2. Click on the 'disk' icon to create a new data source.

  1. Provide a name for the new data source and click Next.

  1. Select ‘ODBC' from the list of Data Source Types.

  1. Enter ODBC data source name you provided in Installing and Configuring the MarkLogic Server ODBC Driver.

  1. Check password and enter your MarkLogic Server login credentials. (You must have the view-admin role on MarkLogic Server). Click Test the connection.

  2. Click Test.

  1. If the resulting status of the test is ‘Succeeded', click Close. Otherwise, recheck your settings and retest.

  2. Close all remaining windows and click Finish. Your new data source connection will be added to the list.

Create a New Cognos Project that uses your ODBC Data Source

This section describes how to create a new project in Cognos that makes use of the data on MarkLogic Server.

  1. Open IBM Framework Manager in your Start menu.
  2. Click Create a new project.

  3. Provide a project name and location for the project files. If you receive a notice that ‘The directory you specified does not exist. Do you want to create it?', click Ok.

  4. Select your language from the list.

  5. In the Metadata Wizard, select Data Sources and click Next.

  6. Select the data source you created in Connect Cognos to your ODBC Data Source.

  7. In the Select Objects dialog, select your data source and uncheck Views, Synonyms, Procedures, and Functions, leaving only Tables as the selected object under your schema name.

  8. In the Generate Relationships dialog, uncheck 'Use primary and foreign keys'. Click Import

  9. You should see an ‘Importing' pop-up window.

  10. When all of the views and data have been imported, you will see a Finish dialog. Click Finish.

  11. The Project Viewer will display the contents of your data source.

  12. Right click on a table and select Test from the pop-up menu.

  13. Click on Test Sample. If you get results, everything is working correctly.

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