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Connector for SharePoint® Administrator's Guide (PDF)

Connector for SharePoint® Administrator's Guide — Chapter 1

Overview and Requirements

This chapter introduces the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint® and lists the product requirements and supported platforms. It includes the following sections:

Overview of the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint

The MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint allows you to integrate Microsoft SharePoint with MarkLogic Server. You can use the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint for the following:

Library Mirroring

With library mirroring, you can transparently mirror content from SharePoint document libraries to a MarkLogic Server instance. The MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint listens for changes to major versions of documents and automatically propagates those changes to MarkLogic Server. With library mirroring, you can set it up initially and then, with no further intervention, your SharePoint library is mirrored to MarkLogic Server and any changes that occur in that library are automatically reflected in MarkLogic Server.

You can mirror an entire library or individual documents. If you mirror a library, all of the documents in the library, including all subdirectories and all documents in the subdirectories, are mirrored. If you mirror individual documents, then those documents are mirrored. Any SharePoint event that changes the document state or contents on a mirrored document will be forwarded to MarkLogic Server to determine if the document state or content should be updated in the MarkLogic Server database.

Workflow Actions

The MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint supports three workflow actions: copy, delete, and invoke. As part of a SharePoint workflow, you can copy a document to MarkLogic Server or delete a document from MarkLogic Server. For example, you can create a workflow with an approval process, and as a result of that approval process, the document can be uploaded to MarkLogic Server. The invoke action allows you to invoke an XQuery module on MarkLogic Server, allowing for completely custom behavior in your application.

Create Applications Using the Content in MarkLogic Server

Once the content is in MarkLogic Server, you can create applications that use the content using all of the powerful search and XQuery features of MarkLogic Server. Once the content is in MarkLogic Server, it is no different than any other content, so you can use it any way you choose.

Use SharePoint Library Services to Maintain MarkLogic Server Content

A common use of SharePoint and MarkLogic Server is to use the various SharePoint library services to manage content that ultimately is loaded into MarkLogic Server. The library services include check-in/check-out, versioning, and workflow.

System Requirements

The MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint has the following system requirements:

  • For the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2007 (version 3.0) or Windows SharePoint Foundation 2010, running under a Microsoft Windows platform supported by MarkLogic.
  • For the instance of MarkLogic Server with which the MarkLogic Connector for SharePoint communicates, version 4.0-1 or later, on any supported platform, of MarkLogic Server. See the Release Notes and the Installation Guide in the MarkLogic Server documentation for details on the requirements for MarkLogic Server.

Additionally, administrative privileges for both SharePoint and MarkLogic Server are required.

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