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Query Console User Guide (PDF)

Query Console User Guide — Chapter 5

Appendix: Differences Between Query Console and CQ

This purpose of this section is to assist users transitioning from the CQ query development tool to Query Console. If you are not a CQ user, you can skip this section.

Query Console is a fully supported query development tool which includes all the features of CQ. Most Query Console concepts and features should feel familiar to experienced CQ users, but there are some differences, as summarized in this section.

Query Console Installs with MarkLogic Server

Query Console installs when MarkLogic Server is installed. Any user in the qconsole-user role may use the tool. No additional configuration is necessary to begin using Query Console.

To access Query Console, navigate to:


Workspaces Replace Sessions

CQ sessions are equivalent to Query Console workspaces. As with CQ sessions, Query Console workspaces may be created, deleted, and cloned.

Query Console workspaces differ from CQ sessions in the following ways:

  • Workspaces may be renamed.
  • Workspaces list queries by name, rather than by position/contents.
  • Query Console stores workspace data on the server, rather than local to your browser. Therefore, your workspaces and queries are available from any host which can communicate with your MarkLogic Server instance.
  • A workspace may be exported from one Query Console session and imported into another, allowing you to easily share queries among users or across MarkLogic Server instances.

Queries Replace Buffers

CQ buffers are equivalent to Query Console queries. As with CQ buffers, Query Console queries may be created, deleted, and restored from history.

Query Console queries differ from CQ buffers in the following ways:

  • Queries are named. The tool supplies a default name when you create a query. You may change the name by double-clicking on the query name in the editor or workspace.
  • More than one query may be open for editting at a time.
  • The query editor displays line numbers.

Session and Query Data Are Stored on the Server

In CQ, sessions are stored in a sessions sub-directory under your CQ application server root. Though you may share a CQ session and its buffers by copying the session XML file from this location, sessions are otherwise unavailable if you change computers.

Query Console stores your workspace and query data in MarkLogic Server, so your queries are available from any host which can reach your server. Workspaces and their queries cannot be shared across users.

Query History is Per Query

In CQ, each time you execute the query in a buffer, the query text is saved in the query history. All queries in a session share a single query history.

In Query Console, each query has its own history, making it easier to manage and restore historical versions of queries.

See Using the Query Execution History for more details.

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