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marklogic::CodePointString Class Reference

Public Member Functions

  CodePointString (const CodePoint *ptr, unsigned siz)
  CodePointString (const char *utf8)
  CodePointString (const CodePointString &other)
CodePointString operator= (const CodePointString &other)
  operator bool () const
  Test for null codepoint string.
const CodePoint *  data () const
  Get handle to codepoints.
unsigned  length () const
  Number of codepoints.
void  appendUTF8 (const char *utf8)
  Append a UTF8 encoded character string.
void  append (const CodePoint *ptr, unsigned siz)
  Append a certain number of codepoints.
void  push_back (CodePoint cp)
  Append a single codepoint.
void  clear ()
  Clear out the codepoints.
void  reserve (size_t sz)
  Reserve a certain buffer size.

Protected Attributes

CodePointStringImpl *  cpstr

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