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marklogic::CTypeWrapperF< T, PT > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for marklogic::CTypeWrapperF< T, PT >:

Public Member Functions

  CTypeWrapperF (PT v)
operator- () const
operator+ () const
  operator PT & ()
  operator const PT & () const
bool  operator< (T o) const
bool  operator<= (T o) const
bool  operator> (T o) const
bool  operator>= (T o) const
bool  operator== (T o) const
bool  operator!= (T o) const
operator- (T o) const
operator+ (T o) const
operator* (T o) const
operator/ (T o) const
operator-- (int)
T &  operator-- ()
operator++ (int)
T &  operator++ ()
T &  operator-= (T o)
T &  operator+= (T o)
T &  operator*= (T o)
T &  operator/= (T o)

Protected Types

typedef CTypeWrapperF< T, PT >  Base

Protected Attributes

PT  val

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