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   $operand as cntk.variable,
   $poolingInput as cntk.variable,
   $unpooling-type as String,
   $unpooling-window-shape as cntk.shape,
   [$strides as cntk.shape],
   [$auto-padding as Boolean[]],
   [$name as String]
) as cntk.function


Unpools the operand using information from pooling_input. Unpooling mirrors the operations performed by pooling and depends on the values provided to the corresponding pooling operation. The output should have the same shape as pooling_input. Pooling the result of an unpooling operation should give back the original input.

$operand Unpooling input
$poolingInput Input to the corresponding pooling operation.
$unpooling-type Only MAX_UNPOOLING is supported now.
$unpooling-window-shape Dimensions of the unpooling window strides (default 1) – strides.
$strides Strides.
$auto-padding Automatic padding flags for each input dimension.
$name The name of the Function instance in the network.

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