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   $x as cntk.variable,
   $axis as xs.axis[],
   $begin-index as Number[],
   $end-index as Number[],
   $strides as Number[],
   $name as String
) as cntk.function


Create an instance of the slice operation on specified tensor input operand

$x Input tensor.
$axis Axis along which begin_index and end_index will be used. If it is of type int it will be used as a static axis.
$begin-index The index along axis where the slicing starts.
$end-index The index along axis where the slicing ends (exclusive).
$strides Step sizes when applying slice, negative value means in reverse order.
$name The name of the function instance in the network.


  var inputVariable1 = cntk.inputVariable(cntk.shape([2,3]), "float",
    fn.false(), fn.false(), "feature")
  => cntk.function(Composite Slice (Input(Name(feature), Shape([3]), Dynamic
  Axes([Sequence Axis(Default Dynamic Axis), Batch Axis(Default Batch Axis)]))))

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